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Philipsburg (St. Jean Baptist Residential School)


The parish of Phillipsburg, on the shore of Bay Missisquoi, is situated near the Canada-USA border. It is five kilometres from Pike River and St. Armand.

The St. Jean Baptist Residential School for Boys, had been offering education for grades 4, 5, and 6 elementary level pupils since 1972. At the request of the Christian Education Brothers, the S.J.S.H. Congregation accepted to send Sister Rita Morissette to work as principal in 1988.

On August 22, 1988, three sisters joined the principal. They lived in a house, which had been prepared for them, near the residential school. This house was called the St. Joseph's Manor.
Sister Thérèse Cournoyer
Sister Laure Cournoyer
Sister Lucille Vadnais
were welcomed by Sister Rita Morissette.

On June 25, 1997, the sisters left this Brothers of Christian Education project, after having been a part of this elementary school for nine years.

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