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(Castonguay School)

(Castonguay School)



Castonguay School was on Chasse Street, not far from Saint Joseph School. It was attended by boys from the parish of St. Isaac Jogues. It was impossible to find room for all the parish children in these two schools. And so, for a number of years, the older boys attended school at Saint Aime and Castonguay School accepted both boys and girls until another school was build in a future parish.

In 1953, in answer to a request made by Father Nazaire Lamarre, parish priest, and the school board members of Asbestos, Mother Sainte Madeleine de Pazzi (Sara Cordeau), superior general of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe, sent two sisters for Castonguay School which would become a subsidiary of Saint Joseph School. The new residence remained closed until 1955. The sisters lived in the residential part of St. Joseph School.

Sister Saint Zacharie (Patricia Bibeau)
Sister Marie Celine (Rita Rodier)
Sister Alphonse de Jesus (Yolande Bessette)
Sister Sainte Jeanne de France (Jeanne Gagnon)

After being a subsidiary of St. Joseph School for two years, Castonguay School became a school on its own and even had its own subsidiary, Notre Dame de Toutes Joies School. The sisters then lived in the residence part of Castonguay School.

In July, 1958, Castonguay School became an all-boys school and the sisters left the residence.

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