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Moundou (Notre Dame de Chad College)



Chad is a country in central Africa. It is surrounded by Libya, in the north; Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, in the west; the Republic of Central Africa, in the south; and Sudan, in the east. Its capital, Moundou, is situated on the south shore of the Logone River.

In September 1992, Sister Jeannine Couture, superior general, notified the members of the community that she had received a letter from Bishop Mathias N'Gartéri, of Moundou, in Chad. He had heard about their withdrawing from their mission in Senegal and, since he was in need of a religious community to take over the administration of Notre Dame College in Chad, he asked the Sisters of Saint Joseph to accept this mission. This college, founded in 1966, had been administered by a French community : the Oblate Sisters of Saint Theresa. Since they no longer had enough personnel to administer the school, they had withdrawn in 1987.
This invitation bore fruit and, in 1994, three sisters left for Chad. They took on the responsibilities of the little high school for girls (the only one of its kind in the country), thus making it possible for young women to have access to reliable quality education.

Sister Alzerina Borges Pinto
Sister Monique Laroche
Sister Claudette Robert

In a multiethnic population, adhering to a number of different religious faiths, principally the Islamic religion, Catholicism, as well as some Protestant religions, the sisters provide education to Chadian girls, as well as training that will allow them to participate in the development of their milieu and of their country. One of the sisters is currently principal of the school. She administers the two cycles leading to the BAC (French educational system). Another sister works in the school library and the third sees to secretarial duties and canteen supervision during lunch hour.

Our sisters left the Chadian ground in June 2007.

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