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Joseph our Patron Saint


Joseph, the just man
His justice was a constant attitude of silence
His justice was a constant attitude of listening 
in the presence of God
His justice was unconditional desire to live accordingly
Saint Joseph, teach to conform to the will of God like you.

Joseph, the silent man
His silence was filled with God's word.
His silence teaches us to listen,
His silence teaches us to contemplate
It teaches us to allow Christ to grow in our hearts
Saint Joseph, teach us to worship in spirit and in truth.

Joseph, model of humility
Joseph teach us to put aside our own projects as you did,
so that we can be able to answer God's call.
Joseph teach us to little ourselves in the hands of God.

Joseph help us to be transparent so that
God may be seen in our daily actions.
Help us to witness God with our lives.

by Christina Toae, sjsh

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