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Maseru (Elisabeth Residence)



Maseru, the only city and the capital of Lesotho, occupies a strategic position on the Caledon River, and marks the frontier between Lesotho and the Orange Free State.

In 1973, the Oblate Fathers ask for Sisters as housekeepers and cooks for their house. Father Mathias Gareau thinks of the Sisters of Saint Joseph who have no house in Maseru. Necessary steps are taken with the authorities in Canada and a decision is taken which becomes a reality in January 1979.

Sister Pascalina Molibeli
Sister Baptistina Monoto
Sister Veronica Mokeki
Sister Celina Lakanyane

Here, the Sisters tend to the sick since we have an infirmary. They also have various projects. For example, they teach sewing, thus helping women to become autonomous workers. They also teach them to make flower arrangements, to bake cakes of all kinds, etc. in order to become better caterers. Other courses prepare them to become hairdressers. Some persons who received training from the Sisters are now independent financially, having set up their own small businesses. It may be said that our Sisters enable persons to create their own employment rather than waiting for someone to offer them a job.

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