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Santa Rita, MA


The municipality of Santa Rita, in the State of Maranhão, is situated mid-way between Miranda and São Luis, at a distance of 65 km from both. It is a rural zone, in the interior.

February 13, 1992, is a new day for Santa Rita as Sisters arrive on the spot. A week later, the Sisters witness the suffering of the residents of Vaca Morta and Sitio Novo, unjustly driven away from their farms inhabited for over 100 years by their ancestors. The Sisters showed their solidarity with the poor and supported their rightful claims. On March 19, a first decision of the judge recognizes that these oppressed families have the right of possession and the right to return to their farms. Each year, demonstrations are held against exploitation and injustice which destroy the peace and life of the workers.

Sister Domingas do Socorro Rodriguez
Sister Lucila Moreira Silva
Sister Ana Maria de Oliveira, novice
Sister Isolete Schweitzer, novice
Sister Anazelia Gomes Neves

We, the Sisters of Santa Rita community, are an actual and evangelistic presence of quality following the example of Joseph, by witnessing to a God who is a friend, a brother, and who is close to all ; by loving and allowing others to love us to promote life. To realize this project, we commit ourselves to education, either by teaching primary school children, or through direct action in various pastoral sectors of the parish: catechesis, liturgy, welcoming, presence to the sick, legion of Mary, parish council. We also offer our cooperation in the formation of young persons who are interested in discerning their vocation.

After a farewell party organized by the parishioners June 26, 2016, the Sisters of Saint Joseph left the parish on July 7, 2016. The sisters worked in this parish 24 years. Wonderful story page!

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