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Saint Nazaire d'Acton



The parish was canonically erected on April 20, 1893, in a decree by Bishop Louis-Zéphirin Moreau. It was comprised of sections taken from the four neighbouring parishes: St. Theodore, St Ephrem d'Upton, St. Germain de Grantham and St. Jean l'Evangeliste de Wickham.

The school, founded in 1914, with the hope of receiving Sisters of Saint Joseph, was under the administration of lay teachers for the first years. On May 17, 1918, Father O. Gadbois, with the consent of the members of the school board, asked Mother St. Ignace de Loyola (Marie-Louise Gatien) to provide sisters for the local school. On August 1, they took up residence in the school house.

Sister St. Eulalie (Rose-Alma Rainville)
Sister St. Edouard (Régina Bilodeau)
Sister St. Pascal Baylon (Evangéline Farly)
Sister St. Ovide (Albina Farly)
Sister St. Leandre (Hélène Houle)

On July 4, 1978, the sisters left the parish for good after having been present and involved in education there for 60 years.

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