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Elisabeth Bergeron Centre

The Centre wishes to reach you primarily through the newsletter “Elisabeth Bergeron vous parle” (Elisabeth Bergeron Speaks to You) which aims to present aspects of the life and spirituality of our foundress. This newsletter, published four times a year, diffuses some of the favors obtained through Mother Elisabeth Bergeron.
The Centre also offers pictures, prayers, and medals of Elisabeth, all discreet messages of the Good News.

Some Sisters are happy to welcome you to pray at the tomb of Venerable Élisabeth Bergeron, as well as in our chapel, and to visit the museum, which comprises three display rooms and one video room.

Letters, letters…
Furthermore, each day brings to the Centre letters originating from Canada and the United States, even from France and Latin America.
The senders express their gratitude for favors received through the intercession of our good Mother or ask us to pray for an intention dear to them. The Centre receives approximately 500 letters a year and not one is left unanswered.

Ultimate goal
It is to be noted that these activities, which are aimed at arousing interest, reawakening the faith, or supporting prayer, converge, specifically, on the outcome of the “Cause”, that is, the beatification and canonization of Venerable Élisabeth. The aim being always to make better known and loved the “God who purposely chooses what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful”.  (1Co 1:27)

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